How we’re helping during COVID-19

Here’s everything we’re doing right now for our clients, our employees, and the business community.

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With all initiatives, we first look inward to our core values and determine how best to respond outwardly. The COVID-19 crisis is no different. That means doing our part to make sure every small business has what they need to take care of their team, while also running our business with fairness, transparency, and empathy.

To help our clients (and all small businesses), we’ve rolled out new product features as well as detailed information and guidance. We’ve made sure that our team is safe, healthy, and prepared, and we’ve also joined in the effort to promote sensible, timely governmental relief.

For our clients

We’re acutely aware of the uncertainty surrounding everything right now, so it’s been our goal to cut through the fog and give employers everything they need to take care of employees and keep their business running.

Updates to OnPay

The new laws created to-dos for most small business owners. We’re helping out with easy, accurate ways to:

New Guides and Information

From keeping employees safe to understanding all the new laws and regulations, we’ve all had to learn a lot in the past few weeks.

We’re sharing everything we’re learning via new and updated articles in our COVID-19 resource center.

Take a look inside for timely news and guidance, or let us know if you have any questions.

If you’re a client, we’ll continue to email you regularly with new information, but you can get the most prompt updates on product news and online trainings we’re offering by following us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. And if there’s anything we can do to help you promote your business, please email our marketing team or @ mention us on social.

For our team

We wouldn’t be able to provide award-winning service without taking care of our team first. Since mid-March, our entire team has worked from home. We feel lucky to have such a dedicated, expert team, and taking good care of them and their families is crucial to our ability to continue operating effectively. We’ll continue to support a strong work-from-home policy until it’s safe to be together again.

For the business community

We work with more than 10,000 small businesses and their accountants, and we’re doing our best to share your experiences, concerns, and vulnerabilities with the government.

To help advocate for you, we joined the AICPA-led coalition to support the more rapid distribution of relief to small businesses. As new stimulus plans roll out, and as Federal agencies decide how to implement them, the coalition is working to help key decision makers get things right.

The detailed guidance we’ve developed is also available to clients and non-clients alike. As small businesses seek answers, we’ll continue to offer free, up-to-date resources and training to any small business that needs it.

And we’re giving back and expressing our gratitude by working with some of our restaurant clients to donate meals to frontline healthcare workers.

Moving forward together

We hope you, your team, and your family are healthy and safe. We’ll continue to provide fast, accurate tools and information to respond to new changes. But if there’s anything else we can be doing to help you get back to business, please let us know at

All small businesses face challenges every day, but the COVID-19 crisis is something none of us have seen before. It’s a time when we all need help. And it’s certainly also a time to be resilient, creative and compassionate. As always, we deeply appreciate your trust and are cheering for your success.